Cloud-Based Checkout Solutions

Discover how using an cloud-based checkout systems can increase sales.


Rocket-Fast Checkout Solutions

 Our powerfull multi-line technology enables for you to make transactions lightning fast. When a transaction is qued, it will send all the info to our servers over high speed connections and generates an token which you can charge at the time or store it and charge anytime needed as a reccuring payment.

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  • Cards
  • Accept all major Credit Cards
  • 2.5% and a transaction
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  • Sources
  • Accept everything in M1 and Masterpass, Paypal, Wechat Pay, AliPay, Amex Express, Amazon Pay, International Cards, Android Pay, Apple Pay1, Browser Direct, and Bitcoin
  • $4.50 Monthly Plus 2.3% and 3¢ a transaction
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  • Full
  • Accept everything in M1 and M2 and over 88 more currencies in 154 countries
  • $15.50 Monthly Plus 2.3% and 3¢ a transaction
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Real-time application monitoring and analytics

The whole PayWall System is under monitoring which you can see in your user dashboard

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